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The Teacher Bulletin is created by teachers, for teachers. It presents classroom teachers and administrators with creative and resourceful ideas integrating Christian principles with cutting-edge technology, contemporary theories, and trends.

See how Griggs International Academy can augment your curriculum.

CIRCLE makes Christian education easier… linking educators with resources to continue the teaching ministry of Jesus Christ, anytime, anywhere.

Ellen G. White books online complete with audio

Ellen G. White iPhone/iPad app

Adventist School Connect – Providing FREE websites for your school and church.

Ellen White, Visionary 4 Kids is targeted for kids aged 8-14. It is filled with great stories, answers to questions about God, the Bible and living for Jesus.

Kids View Magazine  KidsView is the Adventist Review’s full-color, eight-page edition just for children. Geared toward kids ages 8-12, it’s packed each month with news, devotionals, interesting church history, stories, puzzles, and student writing samples from Adventist elementary campuses around the world.

God’s Messenger: Meeting Kids’ Needs is a website created especially for teachers wanting to enhance their students‘ spiritual walk with Jesus.

Adventist Mission – As you browse through this site, witness how God is improving lives through Adventist mission work around the world and in your neighborhood.

Adventist World Radio

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