Although laptops are a proven platform, mobile devices are  increasing their share of the educational market.


  • Familiar platform, mature management tools
  • Larger screen and keyboard
  • Capable of running the standard suites and advance software
  • The established standard for software
  • Better platform for graphics or processor-intensive tasks
  • Often available for low cost or free as businesses upgrade
  • Automatically has wireless capability
  • A broad range of connectability such as Wi-Fi, USB, DVD drives, Ethernet ports, etc.
  • Easy to upgrade and service
  • Easy to print


  • Weight is still a challenge
  • Battery life is minimal compared to tablets
  • IT support is much more complex
  • Laptops may be overkill for some classrooms
  • Software and licensing may not be as flexible as mobile platforms
  • Must build a network to be connected to other units
  • Potential for costly damage if dropped or misused
  • Increased desk space



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