Android devices are getting comparable to both MS devices and Apple mobile devices.


  1. Android has basically caught up to Apple when it comes to e-book applications and educational apps.
  2. When it comes to price Android devices can be much more budget conscious than other platforms.
  3. Android devices are somewhat protected from viruses but still run the risk of applications being run on them with infected malware.


  1. The Android still has some bugs and run the risk of applications sharing infected malware.
  2. On Android tablets, things are little more difficult to figure out so it will take hitting up the “Settings” feature a few times to really familiarize yourself with the features.
  3. Security is more of an issue on Android devices.
  4. Not all Android devices are created equal. Some manufacturers sell less than quality devices; less overall quality control on the Android brand.
  5. Upgrade path is not always clear or available.



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