Apps for Adventists

The majority of the Adventist apps are free and compatible with iPhoneiPod touch, and iPad. Each of these apps listed below are accessible through the iTunes store.

  1. Beginnings (Free): Watch videos from the show (on Hope Channel)
  2. Bible (free): A great app on over 60 million devices (Android)
  3. Advent e-Hymns for iPad ($2.99): Contains 695 hymns and 38 choruses.
  4. Advent Hymnal PLUS ($4.99): The complete Adventist Hymnal (Android)
  5. Advent Hymnal PRO ($9.00): The complete Adventist Hymnal including Responsive Readings (Android)
  6. Adventist Multimedia News (Free): This is the fastest way to get a round up of Adventist news from around the world (Android)
  7. Adventist News Network (Free): Stay connected with Adventist News (Android)
  8. Adventist World Magazine (Free): Adventist World is an official magazine of the church. It was launched in 2005 and has a circulation of about 1.5 million
  9. Adventist World Radio Schedule (Free): Adventist World Radio is the international broadcast service of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. (Android)
  10. Amazing Facts (Free): The best of Amazing Facts TV and online resources is now available on your iPhone and ipod touch! (Android)
  11. ASI Ministries (Free): Adventist-laymen’s Services & Industries is a cooperative network of lay individuals, professionals, business owners, and ministries who collectively support the global mission of the Adventist Church.
  12. Cross Connection (Free): Watch videos, read articles from the show (on Hope Channel)
  13. Disclosure – The Future Declassified (Free): Watch videos from the show (on Hope Channel)
  14. eGraceNotes (Free): The Center for Creative Ministry is the GraceNotes content coordinator for the Adventist Church in North America.
  15. EGW Writings Lite (Free): EGW Lite enables you to read and search 10 essential books by Ellen White and the KJV.
  16. EGW Writings (Free): EGW Writings application enables you to read and search the complete published writings of Ellen G. White, the King James Version of the Bible and Noah Webster’s American Dictionary. (Android)
  17. General Conference Youth Ministries (Free): Enjoy the experience of Adventurer and Pathfinder clubs (Android)
  18. Gospel Ministries International Media (Free): Watch multiple GMI TV and Radio channels
  19. GraceLink (Free): This is “electronic felts” built on the Gracelink Bible Study Guides
  20. Hope Channel ($0.99): Hope Channel released an app allowing users to watch three of its streaming channels live. (Android)
  21. Hymnal SDA-PD ($7.99): This is a full featured SDA eHymnal with typeset 4-part harmony music scores and lyrics (copyrighted hymns are not included)
  22. iGiveSDA (Free): iGiveSDA is an easy way for you to learn about the offerings at your local church. (Android)
  23. InPrayer (Free): InPrayer is a mobile application developed by the Adventist church, which is designed to facilitate a global prayer chain that prays for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. This prayer movement, called 777, is designed to encourage Seventh-day Adventists to pray 7 days a week at 7am and 7pm. (Android)
  24. Life+Health Network TV (Free): A television network broadcasting over the internet, their aim is to set forth principles of life and that health that enhance the quality of life. (Android)
  25. Lifetalk Radio (Free): LifeTalk Radio reaches out to poeple, ministering to their needs. (Android)
  26. Maranatha Volunteers International (Free): Maranatha Volunteers International connects service-minded people with volunteer opportunities around the world.
  27. NAD (Free): This is the official app of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North American. (Android)
  28. NAD Family Ministries (Free): Sponsored by the NAD Family Ministries Department, the App includes daily devotions, news and resources
  29. NADMinisterial Resources (Free): Resources that connect you with the best practices in Adventist ministry (Android)
  30. Sabbath Rest Magazine ($2.99): Encourages people who keep the Sabbath to spend time alone with God
  31. Sabbath School 3 (Free): General Conference Sabbath School Department’s app gives access to the Sabbath School Lessons for adults and children. This is an upgraded version from Sabbath School 2. (Android)
  32. SDA Finder (Free): SDA Finder helps you easily find Seventh-day Adventist churches, schools and other organizations in North America. (Android)
  33. SDA Healthcare (Free): This app offers information about the Adventist healthcare institutions within the United States.
  34. SpiritRenew (Free): SpiritRenew provides content for spiritual development and growth. Content includes short stories and inspirational articles (Pacific Union Conference) (Android)
  35. StoryLine – Hope Channel (Free): Watch videos from the show
  36. Studying Together ($4.99): Mark Finley’s Bible Reference Handbook
  37. TAC Live (Free): The Adventist Channel delivers live broadcasts and videos on demonad. Programming includes inspiration, lifestyle and Bible study
  38. The 1 Project (Free): The One project app will keep you up to date with the latest sermons and messages focusing on Jesus.
  39. The Sabbath App (Free): This app will calculate the Sabbath sunset times for Friday evening and Saturday evening each week telling you exactly when Sabbath begins and ends at your current geographic location. (Android)
  40. VOP Radio (Free): Listen to live streaming and audio on-demand Voice of Prophecy Radio Programs. (Android)

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