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NEW Courses


The Geologic Column – A Story in Rocks  1.0 CEU
Learn more about the evidence held within the geologic column and the fossil record, an important story about our past that has crucial implications for our future.
Origins 101 1.0 CEU
This new course provides an introduction to the two main ideas about where we came from: creation and evolution. Learners will be introduced to some of the terminology, claims, and evidence used in the creation-evolution debate and will learn how the evidence can be interpreted from a biblical perspective.
Adventist Church History – Tell the World 1.0 CEU
Based on the film “Tell the World”, this course tells the story of the birth and development of the early Advent movement. Lessons are designed around shorts from the film, and progress through the history of the Adventist church, highlighting the major events that shaped the early church, providing insight into the dynamic characters that paved the way forward.

Teacher Certification (non-academic credit)

Adventist History (0.5 CEU)

Bible Doctrines  (0.5 CEU)

Light for Living  (0.5 CEU)

Philosophy of Adventist Education (2.0 CEU)

Spirit of Prophecy (0.5 CEU)

Teacher Support Available for Re-certification Credit

Adventist K-12 School Board Legal and Financial Issues (0.1 CEU)

Adventist K-12 School Board Leadership (0.1 CEU)

Adventist K-12 School Board Member (0.1 CEU)

Copyright for Teachers and Pastors (0.5 CEU)

Creating a Positive Digital Footprint  (0.1 CEU)

Simple K-12 Courses (varying CEUs)

Classroom Support (No CEU credit)

ByDesign Interactive Textbook Resources

Educational Technology Knowledge Exchange

Origins Curriculum Resources

RAIN 9th Grade Art Curriculum


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