The TDEC membership consists of one representative from each of the nine unions of the North American Division, Griggs International, and North American Division Office of Education.

North American Division

Larry Blackmer, EdD

TDEC Chair | Vice President of Education

North American Division

Martha Ban, MEd

NAD Director of Technology & Support

North American Division

David Green, MA

Director, Information Technology Services

Atlantic Union

Sherina Phillips, MSc

Teacher, Northeastern Conference

Columbia Union

Donovan Ross, PhD

VP for Education

Lake Union

Ruth Horton, EdD

Associate Director of Education

Mid-America Union

Jerson Malaguit, BS

VP, Mile High Academy

North Pacific Union

Archie Harris, MEd

Conference Associate Superintendent, Upper Columbia Conference of SDA

Pacific Union

Gus Martin, MEd

Superintendent, Arizona Conference

SDA Church of Canada

Colin Hill, MEd

Director of Computer Services, Burman University

Southern Union

Jonathan Sumner, MEd

Associate Superintendent, Georgia-Cumberland Conference

Southwestern Union

Aaron Long, MS

Teacher, Burton Adventist Academy

Griggs International Academy

La Ronda Forsey, MS

Associate Dean for K-12, Principal Griggs International Academy

Griggs International Academy

Alayne Thorpe, PhD

Dean, School of Distance Education (Griggs University & International Academy)

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