Approved SIS Vendors

  • Chalkable Private
  • Jupiter
  • RenWeb
  • SSM (through 2016-17 only)

Steps to becoming an approved SIS vendor

  1. Meet with NADE Director of Technology & Support for an overview of Data Rollup
  2. Review the Data Rollup SIS Data Transfer Specification document.
  3. Commit to a pilot program for at least one year with a minimum of three NAD SDA schools of various types and sizes.
  4. Commit to support our NAD SDA schools with customer support and programming for Data Rollup compatibility
  5. Update SIS when needed – in a timely fashion. (Updates are made in the specification document and SIS vendors notified.)

ALL data must be exported fully as described in the Data Rollup SIS Data Transfer Specification document.

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