Data Rollup/SIS Support Protocols for Schools

  1. Schools refer to the support information available to them to resolve errors and questions.
  2. If further assistance is needed, schools contact the Conference.
  3. Conferences may reach out directly to NADE Technology Support for assistance on behalf of school and conference questions/errors.

Dashboard User Guides

  • These are a great resource to help with Data Rollup, Educator and Student ID numbers, error solving, and much more.  They are linked at the bottom of this email.

Data Rollup Error Help

  • Follow directions listed at the top of the Error Report (linked from Data Rollup in the NAD Educators Toolkit/Dashboard) to get assistance with errors, if necessary.
  • The FAQ site is an excellent resource to help resolve errors.

Troubleshooting Versions of Reports
Major reports (Opening/Closing, etc.) have built-in troubleshooting versions of the report found on the report landing page in Data Rollup.  Please access the report in this way first to resolve any discrepancies in the report. Support Tickets should be submitted right from the Troubleshooting Version if you need help.

Helpful Links

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